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/ˈkʌnɨvɪn/ [KUH-NEV-IN]

Welsh (n.) A place or time when we instinctively feel familiarity, belonging and connection.

Cynefin is a 3-day journey of self discovery. An active pause in your every day life and an opportunity to make an inner journey, while we make a Nomadic journey here in the wild fringes of Eryri, Snowdonia.  An invitation to find belonging and connection within the world, within yourself and with your fellow Nomads.


Cynefin word and description
Kettle hanging above camp fire

Key Information
Date: 2024 Dates TBC
Time: 2pm Thursday to 2pm Sunday
Location: Residential experience at the Nomad Base Camp, Henbant Permaculture Farm
Cost: Standard £450, Payment plans and bursary places available (upon application)
For Participants of 21 and over.



What is Cynefin?



Cynefin has been created to help you remember and re-establish your connection with nature, with yourself and with others.  By doing so, you will gain greater insight into life, and your place within it. Cynefin is held entirely outdoors, sheltered only by tree foliage and canvas, and at the heart of our camp is the ancestral flame, a campfire in the hearth, feeding us and keeping us warm.


  We approach spending time outdoors from a mindful point of view, and offer you the opportunity to embark on your own hero's journey as you leave behind the familiar and busy world you live and work in, close up your electronic devices, and open your ears and minds to other sounds.  What might surface when you allow the busy-ness of everyday life to fall away?



When was the last time you heard the chirp and squeak of the birds and insects, the creak and rustle of the trees, or the ancient words and messages of a fireside story?  Explore all of these offerings from nature and myth and see what resonates within you.  May it awaken long forgotten dreams and desires for the life you envisioned for yourself.

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What to expect?

On Cynefin you will be well fed in your belly, nourished in your soul, warmed by the campfire,  kissed by the fine Welsh mist, and in the midst of good company.

We don’t like to talk too much about the fine details of Cynefin; we like to keep it a bit of a secret. By doing this, we invite you to step into uncertainty, and to approach your time with us with a whole heart and with wide eyes as you learn new ways to think and be, learn old forgotten traditions and skills around elemental fire, craft and humble living, and to ultimately learn what you are capable of.

Cynefin is  held safely and beautifully by the Nomad team,

structured and orchestrated around the traditional hero's journey from myth and legends of old. You will be guided through the retreat to uncover and act upon hidden and forgotten ideas and encouraged to get what you want from life beyond the retreat.

Whilst you are with us, you’ll have time and space to put put energy into your dreams and aspirations, decompress and delve into your thoughts and beliefs, and emerge ready to make positive change in your life.


Challenges lies before you on this journey.  Between mountains, simple shelters, firelight and the stars, you will live beautifully, but very simply for a few days; free from distractions so that you can delve deeper into your own process.

Short Film about Cynefin

Back in May 2019 a group of people took part in Cynefin.  We were also lucky enough to have a small film team come along and record their experience.  They captured in real time all the small details and interactions that make Nomad such a unique retreat.  Enjoy the film with sound if you can!

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Ready for Cynefin?

Cynefin could be classed as many things: a bushcraft experience, a walking trip, a personal development programme, a mindfulness exercise, a forest bathing workshop, a glamping experience - It is all this and much more!

Cynefin is for you if:

  • You live a fast paced life and feel you are looking for a pause button in order to rest and unwind

  • You feel like you don't spend enough time in green spaces and want to experience nature in a new way

  • You find yourself at a crossroads in life, and want to find inner clarity about which path to take.


The unique Nomad approach means that you’ll eat from bowlfulls of food cooked on an open fire, you will undertake meaningful and enriching activities, you will have your every need catered for and won’t have to think about equipment, accommodation or resources. Cynefin blends all of this richness into a truly unique experience.

If you’re ready for a break from your everyday life, reconnect deeply with the elements of nature and the force of fire in our lives, and ready to be looked after and cared for while you dive deep into the experience, then you’re ready for Cynefin. 

If this is something you are interested in, and are keen to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to talk with you.

Email Tom now:

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