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The Bond

(For sons between 12 and 18 years)

A weekend adventure of connection.  Celebrating that most sacred of relationships, that between a father and his son.

Come down to the Nomad camp and learn new skills, make new friends and enjoy 2 days and nights of shared experiences with your father/son.

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What is The Bond all about?
(for the fathers)

We all know the power of connection between others around us, whether they are friends, colleagues or others in our community, but when connection in our own families is strong, life can feel so much sweeter and we can feel such gratitude for our role as a father, as a son or in many cases, both.

What we are offering here at Nomad is access to a very meaningful and deep experience that will put your relationship in your own spotlight.  You will get the chance to build new shared experiences, learn about each other in different ways and find common ground with other fathers.

This is in no way a parenting course and we are not here to fix already troubled relationships, but what we do really well is provide an environment for growth and reflection, learning and sharing, connecting and unwinding.

The weekend is a mix of outdoor based activities delivered in our unique Nomad style and cover bushcraft skills, campfire cooking and we head out to the hills and bag a local summit.  There are also elements of the weekend that involve contemplation and sharing too, to engage with discussion with the intention of finding opportunity for growth.

Check out our FAQs if you need more information.

Email Tom for even more info!


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What is The Bond all about?
(for the sons)

This weekend is a fun and adventurous way to spend time with your dad and other young men and their dads.  We have put together a bunch of different activities and challenges that will bring up exciting new things you might not have known about your dad!

The idea behind all this is for you to spend some quality time together in a place with no distractions for either of you.  No computers, no phones, no business calls or emails.  We have our Nomad camp in the woods where we cook on a fire, sleep in some amazing yurts and have the awesome Welsh wilderness as our company!

This weekend is also a great opportunity to get to meet new friends and see how other guys get on with their dads, as well as meeting the Nomad team and learning some great skills from them.

Over the weekend we will cover: whittling, fire lighting and cooking, mountain walking and wild camping as well as eating loads of tasty food (tea and cake is important!).  We also do some hanging out by the fire and chatting about life and exploring what its like to be you - maybe you will learn something cool you didn't expect!


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