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Corporate and Team Building

Grow friendships and a healthy culture within your organisation

We believe the success of any business or partnership is down to the strength of the relationships formed within a team.  Our program works along this very theme as well as cultivating a healthy culture for your organisation. 


During your time with us, with the workplace left far away, the politics and hierarchy will be paused and participants will have the opportunity to face personal challenges as well as working together with colleagues to develop as a group.


With the natural environment and the elements, whilst building connection with your team.

By using the original philosophy behind Nomad; to reconnect with nature ourselves and with others, participants will take away some deeper personal insight along with their newly found connections with their colleagues.

Our program doesn't just work on improving the efficiency and productivity of an organisation, it nourishes and grows the individual members on a deeper personal level.

This is guaranteed to provide challenge and growth, to propagate true bonds between people and to bring about change in your workplace.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more information about bringing your team to Nomad.


Andrew Till Managing Director

Cambrian Insurance Consultants Ltd 

“Having been on many corporate team building events Tom and his team really have developed something truly unique and special. The Nomad experience allows people with all levels of ability to bond together as a team, gaining a deeper understanding of each other and themselves, returning to the workplace with a grounded and positive mindset and providing invaluable tools to help in todays stressful business environment. Not forgetting it’s a whole lot of fun.”

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