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Kingly Stag hosts ground-breaking rites of passage for men about to enter into marriage.

This is a weekend of profound ceremony, deep work, intimate connection and nature-based adventure all designed to initiate a man into marriage armed to be the greatest man he can, with his beloved brothers by his side.​

-Exit the old paradigm of the toxic male and initiate a journey into the healthy, modern masculine-

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Our fully facilitated events are based in stunning locations and infused with adventure, ancestral food, fire, music and inner exploration.

The groom will be held and supported into a deep understanding of himself; what he is bringing into marriage and what he wishes to leave in the ashes of ceremony. His brothers will witness, support & encourage this man through this lost rite of passage so he can more easily integrate his new masculine energy into his home-life, accountable to his community of brothers and them to him.

Why a Ceremonial Stag Do?

Modern Stag Do’s have become a toxic rite of passage, organised by our shadows and designed to shame and escape.

We want our ceremonial offering to establish something different. This is an opportunity to shift the paradigm of the man in our society so he can stand tall in his community, witnessed in his wholeness and supported to be the best man he can be in his marriage.

The Weekend

Our benchmark Rite of Passage is a full weekend held by our experienced guides. 


Ceremony can be defined as ‘the marking of something that it is important we do not forget’. Kingly Stag endeavours to curate a weekend that will be remembered for the rest of your lives; a time held dearly by all the men in attendance. It is fun, challenging and deeply connecting.


This weekend will bond these men in ways they may never have felt before, with stories to be quietly shared around fires long into the future. This will be an opportunity to be challenged and to find your edges.

This work aligns to the four male archetypes of Lover, Warrior, Magician and King, unlocking access to the whole of ourselves, revealing shadows and liberating the gold we have inside.


All the activities are designed to empower the men into a new way of being in the world. 





Where are the events based?

We currently host fully-facilitated events at four venues in the UK. Cae Mabon, Ty Mam Mawr and Nomad base-camp are in Snowdonia, North Wales, and 7th Rise is in Cornwall.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of attendees?

Our sites can host up to 35 people. Minimum charges apply on smaller groups.

What is the cost?

The average stag do in the UK costs £920 per person.  Our offerings will cost considerably less than average and the price will vary depending on chosen activities & food packages. Please contact us for an accurate, customised quote.

What is included?

Our package includes accommodation, catered food and non-alcoholic* drink for the duration, full facilitation of all ceremony and one activity (chosen from a selection). Upgrades (such as ancestral food, ring forging & deer butchery) incur a fee that can be discussed during the booking consultation. 

We encourage that this be an alcohol free weekend. We can provide ceremonial mead and some celebratory home-brew on request.

What will we do?

Since time immemorial Rites of Passage have been kept secret. Part of the power of the weekend is in the not-knowing, and the shared knowing between the men after the event. Needless to say, the weekend is carefully curated to be fun, meaningful and empowering. All the processes will be invitations, there will be no shaming and men will have a choice of activities on booking (including paddle-boarding, abseiling, mountain walking, butchery, foraging and drumming). 



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Now taking bookings. Please get in touch to reserve your weekend, as spaces will go quickly.

The Venues

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