The Nomad Mission: "To Lead a meaningful adventure and create an environment to explore skills, craftsmanship and native ancient culture whilst reflecting on personal challenges and aspirations in the form of a nomadic learning experience in the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia."

Regain clarity of mind by putting all technology to one side

Modern life is... complicated sometimes.  Made even more so by the technology and devices that were designed to help us become more efficient, more creative and more connected.  On our journey retreats at Nomad we leave all of that behind us, armed with a ladle, a few sticks and a roll of canvas we can live in a simple and nourishing way without the beeps and buzzing of our tech.

Contemplate your life's vision and purpose and become clear about what really matters to you

Picasso once said: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away".  At Nomad we agree with him!  Living life on purpose is so crucial to living a happy life. During the program we contemplate what our purpose might be.  We also set time aside to simply be alone in nature, and let the layers of everyday life fall away to leave behind what is most important.  Maybe your gift and your purpose will reveal itself...

Learn strategies to help move beyond your fears

We are all familiar with the term 'being in our comfort zone'.  We are all possibly too comfortable within that zone and never test the boundaries!  During the Nomad program you get the opportunity to face some common fears through some fun and exciting challenges.  You can take these as far as you want and know that the experienced Nomad crew will keep you safe at all times.

Learn about the origins of fire and develop a greater appreciation for its impact in our lives

Fire is part of our lives though we don't always see or appreciate it.  We journey back to the dark days before fire and remember how it must have felt to experience the warmth of a flame for the first time.  By exploring friction fire and other methods of 'welcoming' fire, we connect with it on a different level and give a big nod to the other elements in our lives.

Explore our Nomad 3 and Nomad 5 pages to find out more information and dates.

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Nomad HQ: Cae Llel, Rhiwlas, Bangor, North Wales

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