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What do we actually do?

Shake hands, hug, sit, walk, splash, speak, listen, feast, hold, carry, relax, decompress, ENJOY! 

We deliberately don't say too much about the content of the retreats, we like to keep an element of mystery and surprise.  We do this to keep participants living in the moment and also to uphold the greatness and uniqueness of the programs.

What we can say is that you will be involved in the running of the camp, you can play as big a part in this as you wish.  You will partake in a journey, on foot, carrying a small bag that will take us from one camp to the next.  On Cynefin we journey for 1½ days, covering roughly 13 miles of hilly and uneven terrain.  We share with you some widely used personal development tools and techniques (with a Nomad twist) which you may find powerful and profound, or you may simply enjoy taking part in.  If you have any other questions please get in touch.

How physically fit do i need to be?  How demanding are the activities?

Amble, clamber, frolic, leap, crawl, bounce, stride, mosey, trek, skedaddle, gallop, trundle, STRUT!

We would term the necessary fitness level as 'reasonable fitness' and injury free.  If you are happy to be on your feet for 7 hours a day, are able to comfortably walk on hilly and rocky terrain, and are happy to be outside almost all of the time - you will be fine!  In terms of the journeying we aim to travel no more than 8 miles per day, this is taken at a relaxed pace, though in some places the terrain will be strenuous and steep.  The activities and challenges are fit for most people with reasonable fitness, though by their nature are not always easy!  On some mornings we partake in a relaxing stretching session, this is to help stretch and relax our bodies and minds before the day begins - this is fine for anybody who has never done any thing like this before.  If you have any questions please get in touch.

What is included in the price?

Fun, brekky, 

elevensies, good times, a home away from home, midnight snacks, a time to reflect, afternoon tea - everything you need...

Our aim is that you shall want for nothing, that you shall feel comfortable and most of all that you are safe at all times. As a rough breakdown the following gives a good idea of what the price includes:

- 3 nights in high quality, super comfy, canvas accommodation - all bedding provided.

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything else in between (tea and cake on tap).

- A highly qualified, experienced, interesting, emotionally intelligent and entertaining Nomad crew!

Activities, tasks and challenges and all the equipment, resources and instruction required.

- Many wonderful opportunities to grow, make friends, reconnect with nature, relax, decompress, learn, share, grow some more, make more friends - you get the idea!

- Online group integration call one week after you return home.

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