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Micro Nomad

A half day (5 hour) retreat that introduces the Nomad philosophy and some powerful grounding activities.

A great first step on your Nomad journey! Come, spend an unforgettable time at our micro camp, situated in the wild fringes of Snowdonia national park.


The theme of the day will be focused on connecting with nature and relaxing together.  Along the way we learn some traditional camp craft skills, prepare and share a delicious meal and practice some techniques designed to help us feel more at one with nature!

Come along and make some new friends or bring your family.  This experience is suitable for adults and children, individuals, couples and families.


Leave behind the busy-ness of life and allow yourself some peaceful time to stop and relax. 

Connection with nature starts with a connection to the senses.  With some simple exercises we can reboot the sensory system and receive so much more from our time in nature and discover more about ourselves.

Expect: a chance to decompress, light bulb moments, delicious food, time on your own, time with new friends, moments of calm, rain (it might not happen!), but most of all - an unforgettable pause in your schedule, that will ensure you return to life with renewed energy and a different perspective!

Come, pack your Gortex and your boots - were going to have an awesome time!

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Choose your adventure

We are using the AirBnB platform for all our micro nomad bookings:
AirBnB - Nomad

If you wish to request a date, please fill out our contact form and we will respond asap.

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