Nomad 3

Three days of journeying within ourselves and within the landscape of Snowdonia - the land where the mountains meet the sea.

This is our original journey retreat that aims to encourage participants to reconnect with nature, themselves and to others.  The Nomad crew create a safe and nourishing environment for internal reflection through a series of fun and challenging processes, testing out ideas and theories and having a wonderful journeying time!

We do of course use our feet to journey too, not only our minds!  Step out on to the lush green mountainside and enjoy the adventure as we meander through forests, tiptoe past the ancient standing stones, stride across wild moorland and drink from gurgling springs.

Listen... the voice of nature, to the stories of the land and people, and to yourself.

With the opportunity to leave behind the busy world we live and work in, we can open our ears and our minds to other sounds. Whether that is the chirp and squeak of the birds and insects, or the creak and rustle of the trees, or the ancient words and messages of story - come and listen.

Learn new ways to think and be, learn old forgotten traditions and skills, learn about who you are and what you are capable of!


...with a little bit of mystery.

Expect the following: to be well fed (in your belly and your soul), to have your face kissed by the campfire and the fine Welsh mist, and good company as we jump from the well trodden path into the long grass and find a new way!

Challenge and mystery lie before you on your journey.  We have some closely guarded secrets which are revealed as the days unfold, which help in living the moment in a genuine and open way. Have no fear - you can but succeed!

Pack some gortex (this is Wales after all!), your sturdy boots and handfuls of courage, and we'll see you there by the fire and begin this crazy adventure.

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in some post covid fun!

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Nomad HQ: Cae Llel, Rhiwlas, Bangor, North Wales

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