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Nomad 3 Night Experience

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Three days of journeying within ourselves and within the landscape of Snowdonia.
...the land where the mountains meet the sea.

2021 Retreat dates


29th - 1st 



7th - 10th 


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... to a time and place to forget, and remember...

This is our original journey retreat where we work towards reconnecting with nature, ourselves and to others.  The amazing Nomad crew create a safe and nourishing environment for internal reflection through a series of fun and challenging processes. We approach spending time outdoors with a more mindful perspective, encouraging greater connection with our senses and the abundant life around us.

Step out on to the lush green mountainside and enjoy the adventure as we meander through forests, tiptoe past the ancient standing stones, stride across wild moorland and drink from gurgling springs.

Come and take advantage of the Nomad hospitality as we cater for your every need.  Delicious fire cooked food, authentic and exciting accommodation, all equipment and resources are provided by us.


Listen... the voice of nature, to the stories of the land and people, and to yourself.

With the opportunity to leave behind the busy world we live and work in (this is a tech free retreat), we can open our ears and our minds to other sounds. Whether that is the chirp and squeak of the birds and insects, or the creak and rustle of the trees, or the ancient words and messages of a fireside story - come and listen.

Learn new ways to think and be, learn old forgotten traditions and skills, learn about who you are and what you are capable of!  Put energy into your dreams and aspirations as we give you the tools to take on life and face fears after the retreat has ended.

We give you the space and time to decompress and delve into your thoughts and beliefs. How can you make positive change in our life if you don't have time to even think about it?!

Time in nature without distraction is a wonderful way to reflect and allow thoughts that have been closed away, to come out!


...with a little bit of mystery.

You can expect the following: to be well fed in your belly and your soul, to have your face kissed by the campfire and the fine Welsh mist, and good company as we jump from the well trodden path into the long grass and find a new way!

Challenge lies before you on your journey.  Venturing on foot through the mountains*, facing your fears on our wild mountain challenge. Built a simple shelter and sleep wild for a night under the stars, remembering what is truly needed in life.  All held safely and beautifully by the Nomad team.  All of this with great learnings, new skills, beautiful food and the best company.

This retreat could be classed as many things: a bushcraft experience, a walking trip, a personal development programme, a mindfulness exercise, a forest bathing workshop, a glamping experience.  It is all this and much more!  The unique Nomad style and orchestrated nature of the retreat blends all of this richness into a truly unique experience.

Pack some gortex (this is Wales after all!), your sturdy boots and handfuls of courage, and we'll see you there by the fire and begin this crazy adventure.

Our FAQs Page might answer any further questions you have.

*we cover roughly 13 miles  over 2 days.