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Hand drawn landscape of Snowdonia
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Finding  a  new  and  an  old  way  to  be

Greetings Nomad!

Hello and welcome!  My name is Tom and I am the chief dreamer here at Nomad.  It's my mission to reintroduce humans into the wild, and help others rediscover a new and an old way to be.


Nomad a not-for-profit social enterprise and we run retreats, courses and workshops that cover a wide range of subjects and important ideas.  We blend learning, self discovery, nature connection,wild adventure, sweet togetherness, deep enquiry, humble hospitality and wilderness living skills - to create truly meaningful, transformative experiences here in beautiful Eryri, Snowdonia.

In 2024 we are looking forward to reaching more Nomads; individuals, families, organisations and charities, enjoying meaningful adventures together growing strong bonds with our community. 

To find out more about our mission click please explore the site and get in touch if you have any questions!

Tom Otter from Nomad

Nomad Offerings

The web of offerings from Nomad is wide and all encompassing.  Each strand has been built from the ground up by Tom and the team, to bring value and meaning to seemingly everyday things.  Whether that's spending a day or more in the woods learning to light a fire, learning to cook nourishing food, building a shelter or even a Yurt; a huge amount of care and consideration has gone into forging each offering.




Ian, IT Consultant

 Soulful, purposeful journeying (in all senses) in good company. At times Deep, soul searching, also fun,  great comradarie, supportive, and challenging. I find it hard to get out of my head and just be, and Nomad challenged me in this and I found it a very powerful experience which culminated in a bit of a revelation for me which I shall not forget. Just an amazing experience!


John, Retired

What a great retreat; I was welcomed, looked after and challenged with many varied experiences, an effective mix of high adrenalin and steady calm, sharing and solitude, utilising both timeless and contemporary perspectives. All flowed together and were well paced, thought through and delivered. I was impressed with the understated but thorough understanding and care of the facilitators and returned home clearer and fitter both mentally and physically.

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Get In Touch

Our dates don't work for you? Got a burning question?  Maybe you are organising an event and want to chat about the options?  Let us know what you are after! Get in touch, we're here to help!

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