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Stag and Hen celebrations

With a difference...

If you aren't inspired by the regular format of a stag or hen party then maybe a retreat with Nomad is what you are after!

We look at the traditional meaning behind this momentous time in your life, and take you on a journey that will prepare you for your future with your new partner.  Your friends and companions who come with you are there to hold you and support you through this exciting transition!

As always, the Nomad team are with you every step of the way, providing food and shelter as we progress on this adventure of a lifetime!

Ancient Wisdom

Bringing a unique perspective to your celebration...

No Learner plates, no embarrassing costumes, no excessive drinking and no degrading or belittling challenges.  That's not the Nomad way...  We're going to slow it down a little, and do things in a new and an old way!

Through a series of tasks and meaningful challenges the hen or stag and their companions will journey physically, emotionally and mentally during their time with us.  Strong bonds will be formed, old friendships will be strengthened and new families will be forged as a result of what the journey entails.

An inspiring and powerful time will be had by all, but no more so than for the hen or stag in the party.

Get In Touch

Please get in touch to discuss what is possible for your celebration, we can tailor the experience to your group size and needs.  Drop us a line, happy to help!

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