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NomADventure October Task - Disconnect to reconnect

Greetings Nomad, thanks for making the journey here! This is our first task and it is very simple yet extremely rewarding. We're going for a walk! This is a walk with meaning, with a few important rules and some really exciting benefits! I hope you enjoy this little task, let me know how you get on by commenting below or send me an email: I would love to hear from you!

The preamble to your ramble

We are creatures of nature. Our body evolved with mud on the soles of our feet and twigs in our hair. Our DNA has been sculpted with the sounds of the forest in our ears and the sight of the deep stars overhead at night. We belong outside... Only in the last 6000 years did we domesticate horses for use as transport, the wheel followed 1000 years later - we were barefooted Nomads for 180,000 years or more!

Our bodies are optimised for living outside and we have many quirks in our physiology that living the way we do these days, are essential to make the most of. For example our body releases serotonin (happy chemical) when our eyes see the colour green - the moss, the leaves, the ferns and the grass, these vibrant beings trigger our body's natural anti-depressant and helping reduce our stress. Amazing hey?!

The Rules

This walk is intended to bring a connection to nature and so there are a few little things I want you to consider before you leave and whilst on your micro adventure:

- Go somewhere familiar, you want to be walking without worrying that you are going the wrong way!

- Disconnect: leave all technology at home or in the car, you are going to be fully present on this walk. Not looking for the next photo, not checking your emails, not catching up with mates - there is a time and a place for these things!

- Connect: try and connect with your senses. Look and actually SEE what is around you, you might find it useful to actually speak what you see, this creates a pathway through your brain that brings a higher chance of you taking in what your eyes are receiving. Use your nose and notice what scents are on the air, touch the long grass, the earth, the tree bark, squelch mud between your fingers or even your toes! Stop and listen, what is the closest sound you can hear, what is the furthest away?

- Walk for roughly half an hour but only about 1/4 a mile or 0.5km - this really is not far! Stop and sit, lie down and look up to the sky, the canopy, the stars - whatever is up there take it all in.

- Follow your curiosity or any leads that nature gives you. Maybe you see a creature scampering - follow it! Maybe you notice a comfortable looking rock/log/mossy tuffet, go and sit on it and be still for a while. Engage with your natural curiosity and follow your gut - imagine how toddlers see the world with fresh eyes and fascination.


Once you are back home, try and resist the technology for as long as you can! Notice how you now feel at home and if there are any differences to how you normally feel or before you left for your walk maybe. If you want to repeat this exercise go for it! If it didn't work for you, don't worry. There are many ways to connect with nature and this is just a simple one to get you started.

As I said before, if you feel comfortable doing so, please share your experience by commenting below or in the Nomad Fireside Facebook Group equally send me an email, I love hearing from you guys!

That's all for now. Peace, Tom

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