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Payment Options

Making a priceless journey affordable to you...

At Nomad we believe that what we do holds great value for individuals and society alike and want it to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Our retreats and courses are priced so that we can pay our facilitators and support staff fairly and equally, and provide the most local, wholesome and sustainable food and resources we can get our hands on!  Running a retreat and adventure company also has many other unseen costs that we have to recoup from our participation fees.

We don't want the cost of our courses or retreats to get in the way of you experiencing what we do, so please get in touch to discuss your options if you have any queries.  It may be that we spread the cost of your chosen retreat over an agreed period of time, or we can work together to find a sustainable way for you to participate in the way of a work or skill swap.

On some courses and retreats there will be a partial or full bursary place available.

Get in touch with Tom on to start an openhearted conversation.  We are here to help you.

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Dry Stone Wall

Nomad Bursary Places

Support from the Nomad community

If there is a financial hurdle to you participating on one of our courses or retreats then perhaps a partial or full bursary place will give you the boost you need to become part of the Nomad family.

Our bursary scheme is mostly funded by individuals who wish to sponsor somebody to come along on a Nomad retreat.  These amazing individuals who often cannot participate in the retreats themselves, have donated to our bursary fund so that others can enjoy the adventure and grow in a positive way.  Isn't that amazing?

Anyone who qualifies for a bursary placement will have contact with their sponsor and we encourage an exchange of communications after the retreat in order to give thanks, and share some of their Nomad experience with the sponsor.

If you want to discuss a bursary place or are interested in becoming one of our amazing sponsors than please contact Tom on  Many thanks.

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