Nomad 5

A deeper dive, a longer journey, more time to marinade in the richness of this wonderful extended Nomad experience.

In 2020 we are very excited to be holding our first 5 day journey retreat.  This will allow us to really escape the trappings of our everyday, and sink deeper in to nature and in to the life of a Nomad!  The extra time will allow us to travel further through the landscape and also further through our internal landscape - lets see who we meet, and what we find!

The Nomad crew create a safe and nourishing environment for internal reflection through a series of fun and challenging processes, testing out ideas and theories and having a wonderful journeying time!


...your new surroundings, your ideas, a circle of new friends

Your feet will carry you through the beautiful wild edges of Snowdonia, held between the mighty ocean and the majestic mountains.  Together with your fellow Nomads you will discover (or rediscover) the undeniable joy of adventuring in good company.

Expect nourishing hearty food, excitement and mystery of what lies ahead and the hot glow of the campfire in the evening.  Five days of meaningful adventure, five days of learning practical skills, five days of resetting and testing yourself.



...the story of nature, the story of people, the next vibrant chapter in your own story!

As we pass from skyline to forest, from riverside to mountainside, from camp to camp, we will be gathering new experiences that become part of our own personal story.  As we sit by the fire and rest our bodies the ancient story will emerge.  Heroes and far away lands will be brought to life alongside the tales of this ancient place - Wales!

Nomad 5 is a great opportunity to decompress!  Come and simply BE!  If leaving your busy world behind, if reconnecting with yourself, with nature and other people, appeals to you - then come take the next step!

Dates coming in 2021!