Cynefin - Buck Moon

Thu, 14 Jul



Cynefin - Buck Moon

Come with us as we jump from the well trodden path and find a new way...

Timings and Location:

14 Jul, 14:00 – 17 Jul, 14:00

Henbant , Henbant Bach Farm, Tain Lon, Caernarfon LL54 5DF, UK

The finer details:

During your time with us on this reatreat you will be fed hearty and healthy vegetarian food from our kitchen fire for breakfast, lunch and dinner and at any other point in the day that we can find an excuse for!  We love eleven-sies, mid afternoon snacks, and midnight feasts especially!

Your accommodation will be within the belly of a cosy Mongolian Gerr - the traditional nomadic structure used by the rugged plains people in Eastern Asia.  You will be cosy, warm and dry, and in the good company of your fellow Nomads.

You will have access to all the equipment and materials and resources needed to complete the journey - within reason.  There is a packing list of essential items that you must bring, but otherwise everything else is provided for by us!

Our amazing team of facilitators and behind the scenes crew will be ever present during your time here.  Between us we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, all of which we are hoping to share with you in some way or another, whether that is in serving up a steaming bowl of stew, sharing the intricacies of whittling, telling an epic fireside story or keeping you safe during a daring challenge.  We are with you every step of the way.

This package also includes a follow up group call on Zoom on the evening of 24th July, one week after retuning home.  The idea of these calls is to check in and see how life has been for you since the retreat and to discuss how to integrate our learnings.





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