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Turning a global emergency in to a global emergence
Nomad was founded on providing awesome journey retreats here in North Wales, the land of dragons and misty mountains!  With the restrictions placed on everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic,  we decided to take some of our offering online and create an online community. To provide what we can to help people through this time, and to bring greater meaning and purpose to peoples lives.
What is it all about?
Using the pillars of our Nomad philosophy - promoting connection to nature, oneself and to others, we have created a programme that brings the Nomad journey to your device for you to enjoy whilst you are at home.  The content of this course could be described as many thingslife coaching, handicraft projects, meditations, visulisations, bush-craft skills, outdoor activities, stories, poems, personal challenges, conference calls, wilderness connection - the list goes on!  It technically is all of those things and much, much more!
The bit that's hard to explain is the 'Nomad Magic' that weaves it all together, that's the unique part of what we offer.  That 'magic' is the reason we still get past participants of our retreats getting in touch with us explaining how Nomad is STILL part of their everyday life... How that what we shared, profoundly made a difference to them. This is a carefully crafted and choreographed course, every element of which has purpose and meaning.
The programme aims to bring personal value through a series of online gatherings, tasks, challenges and micro adventures.  We ask big questions, create an environment for self reflection, and hand over a box of tools for you to use in your everyday life. Join a tribe, and over the 6 months grow and explore together as you take steps towards the actual face to face retreat next Spring.
What happens?
Each month we have a bundle of awesomeness waiting to be unleashed into your life.  Fun and meaningful challenges designed to bring new skills and adventure into your life, will be set during our monthly zoom calls.  The 'How To' part comes from our instructional videos and audio that you will access through the tribes area of our website.  Also within the website we have built a forum space where you can share your progress, support other Nomads in your tribe and build an online community.  On top of this you will get one-to-one mentoring calls with the Nomad team each month, as well as bursts of inspiration into your email inbox.
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Who is it for?
Do you feel like you are seeking something new?  Can you feel that change is afoot? Are you living a life true to your values and beliefs? If any of these questions made you stop and think, then this course could bring you a lot of value! We take it back to the very beginning and ponder on what is most important, we explore where we are in our life right now, and develop skills and good practices to help us achieve our potential.
Whats is the difference between the two tribes?
There is no difference in the content for the two tribes. The difference comes with the dates on which things happen.  You have to be available to attend all seven Tribe Zoom calls and the physical retreat.  Please view all the dates in question here before going any further!
Face to face retreat, what does that involve?
Campfires and canvas, dewy grass in the Welsh spring morning, nourishing space, nourishing connections and nourishing food.  A fully catered residential journey retreat that will bring together all that was shared in the virtual space, and conclude the epic journey at the Nomad Camp. Here we will complete the programme, immersing ourselves in the depths of retreat, connecting deeply and having a wonderful time - being fed in our bellies and our souls. Come and sleep under canvas, strip back all of the complications of life and concentrate on what is important – and if you don’t know yet what is important to you– come and discover it! This will be a truly epic final step to this unique Nomad experience, the perfect ending to your new beginning.  Check out our short film here to get a feel of the retreat, and read more about the retreats here...
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